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Here is an introduction to the Personal Injury Lawyers staff at hD Lawyers.

About hD Lawyers: Harry Day, Personal Injury Solicitor

Solicitor-Director Harry Day

Harry Day: Personal Injury Solicitor Director

Harry Day is the Solicitor Director of hD Lawyers. He is a lawyer with with over 30 years experience, having commenced his legal career in May 1989.

Harry has an Honours degree in Law and a Bachelors degree in Science. During his career, Harry has appeared personally in over a thousand court rooms:

  • running trials;
  • conducting pre trial matters
  • or instructing a barrister during trials.

Additionally, you can discover more about Harry on his bio page. Also keep in touch with his personal injury law practice blog.

Sharon Lee: Personal Injury Solicitor

Sharon Lee Personal Injury Lawyer Ipwich Brisbane

Sharon Lee is a personal injury and workers compensation lawyer. She is a lawyer with with over 8 years experience, having commenced her legal career in December 2012. She started with hD Lawyers in October 2015, and acted as Director for the firm from March 2018 to February 2020.

The insurance companies that try to stop you from getting just compensation know that she is a formidable opponent.

She also has worked in Criminal Law, Wills & Estates and Conveyancing.

Why Personal Injury Law?

Sharon says: “I find working in Personal Injury law rewarding and fulfilling as people who have suffered a personal injury are genuinely vulnerable.

“I feel privileged to be able to assist injured people in a time of crisis in their lives. My aim is to restore a semblance of normality and give them back their dignity by assisting them to be financially compensated for their physical, emotional, and financial suffering.”

Sharon is a proud member of the Queensland Law Society.

Additional Education

Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice in 2012.
Practice Management Course in 2018.

Renae Todd: Office Administrator

Renae Todd, Personal Injury Law Office Administrator

Renae Todd is the person who makes sure that the office and your cases run smoothly. That is why you should contact her in the first instance, and she’ll put you through to your solicitor if needed.

Renae says:

“I have worked for Harry at hD Lawyers since March 2018 as his personal assistant. I use my extensive skill range to cater for the diverse needs of each individual and create a more personalised and comfortable approach. My job specifically is to make the injured individual’s claim process easy, simple and quick. I assist in any way necessary with a prompt and friendly manner.

I have quickly learnt in my career that hD Lawyers is a small but incredibly honest and hard working team who do everything possible to receive justice for the injured person.”

Renae is also working towards getting qualifications as a primary school teacher.  Notably, it was through her assignment to Riverview State School that HD Lawyers were able to help students at that local Ipswich area school get desperately needed footwear.

Paul Gilchrist: Marketing and Information Technology Administrator

He is the person who makes sure that the web site is effective at providing information about personal injury and workers compensation

Renae Scott, Personal Injury Office Admin (image coming soon)

Paul Gilchrist, IT Administrator (image coming soon)

cases for people in Southeast Queensland. Additionally, that it ranks well in Google. Accordingly, that may be the reason that you are reading this page. As well, he is busy attending to some computer issues.

Paul has been working in the personal injury law practice area for over 12 years, both in Australia and the United States, as well as in the criminal defence law arena.

hD Lawyers have offices in Brisbane and Ipswich, but we can come to you

We have offices in Brisbane and Ipswich. Despite that, we pride ourselves on our service and we are also available for home visits or free consultations at a place convenient to you. That includes throughout Southeast Queensland from the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast, and even the Tweed Coast in NSW. Our personal injury lawyers staff are readily available on phone or email at times convenient to you, as we know that people have busy days.

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