What are independent medical examiners?

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Independent Medical Examiner or IME works for the defendant’s insurance company

Most people who get an  injury at work or in a road accident (or by whatever means) suffer injuries that they recover from fairly quickly. They may or may not make a claim for “compensation” or “damages” against the responsible party’s insurance company. That insurance company might require you to attend an ‘IME’ to assess your injuries. That word, ‘IME’ means Independent Medical Examiner). These IME professionals are not your treating health professionals.

However, there are many other people who do not recover quickly and they need to make a claim for their personal injuries. In many cases, this is for at least financial reasons. Work injuries might first mean a claim for “workers compensation”. Then later, perhaps a second claim called a “civil claim” (also called a “common law” claim or a “negligence” claim).

Whatever the type of claim you make for your injury, you will 99.9% of the time be dealing with an insurance company. That company has been assigned the task of representing the person / company you claim from.


An Independent Medical Examiner does not represent your interests

Many are very good. But in our experience, we wonder how “independent” some Doctors are.

You should take advice about your treatment from your own Doctor/s. It is fine to tell your own treating Doctor what an IME said so that your own Doctor might consider it.

Independent Medical Examiner Doctors have a different focus on you. IME Doctors provide medical advice to insurance companies who use that information to “Manage your Claim”.

Claims Management” is not “Treatment”.

This is why you should always talk to your own treating Doctors.

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