Ipswich personal injury lawyer buys shoes for Riverview school

Harry Day, Personal Injury Solicitor

Harry Day, Personal Injury Solicitor

Ipswich personal injury lawyer, Harry Day, recently became aware that many students of Riverview State School were struggling to have the bare essentials for their daily educational lives.

He said: “Our firm’s legal secretary is also studying to become a Primary School teacher. That employee, Renae was posted to Riverview State School, not far from our office. She noticed that many students of Riverview were struggling to have the bare essentials for their daily educational lives. In particular, Renae told us that many of the children were wearing shoes held together by sticky tape.”

Harry is the principal solicitor of HD Lawyers, which recovers compensation for people hurt in many ways. This may be because they are victims of car accident,  work accident or medical procedure gone wrong. He and the rest of the firm decided to extend their philosophy of helping people by giving the children of Ipswich a hand up.

Riverview is considered a suburb of Ipswich

Riverview, while in the Brisbane metropolitan area, is considered a suburb of Ipswich. There, over 300 boys and girls attend Riverview State School, a government primary (Prep-6) school. Meg Saunderson is the current Riverview State School principal.

Struddys Sports Store agrees to help provide shoes for the project

To address this issue, Harry continued “We called Struddys Sports Store and they agreed to give us a good deal on some quality footwear”

Ipswich personal injury lawyer sponsors school shoesRiverview State School now have 450 pairs of shoes for the kids, if they need them, when they need them.

Harry and his HD Lawyers colleagues are happy that they can go some way to helping Ipswich area kids get a good start in life. The firm recognises that how people begin their lives is an essential factor in how those lives turn out. 

Update on the Ipswich school shoes, January 20, 2021.

We just got this message in today from Riverview State School’s general assistant who helps with providing assistance to some families. Her name is Sonya Morrissey:

Hi Harry here is what my store room looked like this morning. We have given out about 80 pairs of shoes to families. Every child  who has come is leaving with a beautiful pair of shoes. The parents are very appreciative of this and many have said that they didn’t know how they were going to afford any shoes let alone “fancy” shoes. The kids faces are priceless when they open a box and a amazing pair of bright new super fast  shoes are there. Many parents have asked that I pass on their thanks. So from all the families at Riverview State School thank you. 

And here are the shoes in the school store room:

Shoes Riverview State School Ipswich


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