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Motor Vehicle Accidents

headlamp smashed car accidentWho can claim compensation in a car accident?

When you get an injury in a motor accident on the roads, you can claim compensation, provided you are not the driver who is 100% at fault in causing the accident. This compensation comes from the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance for the vehicle driven by the person who caused the accident. Some people call this green slip insurance. In Queensland, the Motor Accident Insurance Commission administers CTP.

The insurance is included in the registration fees paid for cars, motorbikes, trucks and the like. The driver at fault does not personally pay the claim as the insurance covers the driver and the vehicle.  This insurance also covers injuries to:

  • pedestrians,
  • bicyclists,
  • motorcyclists,
  • passengers,
  • and other drivers

that are the fault of the driver of any vehicle requiring registration.

If two or more drivers contribute to the cause of a car accident, each driver may still claim in proportion to the fault of the other driver/s.

Where a motor car accident involves just one car or one motorbike, passengers and pillion riders may claim for their personal injury against the driver of the single car. Often families don’t wish to claim against “Mum or Dad”. However, you are claiming against insurance, not against your relatives.


What if the cause of an auto accident can’t be identified?

Strict time limits apply! This is especially so where you can not identify the other vehicle. For example, if he other vehicle left the scene of the motor accident before you could obtain the registration number. Where a motor accident involves a vehicle at fault that is not registered, and hence not insured for CTP, there is a special fund that exists. From that fund, people injured in the motor accident may claim compensation for their personal injuries.


What do car accident lawyers do?

Following any motor accident you should seek legal advice for your personal injury as soon as you can.

If you are in any doubt about your right to claim for any injury that you suffer as a result of a road accident please contact us without obligation. This is because, we are No Win No Fee lawyers.

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