This is hD LAWYERS first Blog.

We are very excited to launch our new law firm. Our aim is to practice law.

That might sound like an obvious thing to say but it is worth saying, over and over. The reason for this is because many people come into contact with e.g. compensation lawyers, just once in their life. They are not frequent users of legal services. People must place enormous trust in lawyers that they do not know and make claims in a system that is complex and one that they are unfamiliar with. It is bewildering for people and often a source of great anxiety.

At hD LAWYERS we understand the effect the system can have on some people. Whether they know it or they don’t – some people become so anxious that they don’t realise the health effect their matter is having upon them.

Different people have different needs when it comes to being informed about their matter. We tailor our contact with you to your requirements.

There are some things we are obligated to tell you and these requirements are imposed by the law. For example, we must advise you how we are going to charge you and what our likely fees will be.

Beyond what we must tell you by law, we will also give you further information about your claim to keep you in the picture.

The motto of my High School was “Knowledge is Power”: after 25 years inside over a thousand Court rooms, I agree that it is.

Harry Day – 3 March 2015

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