Why Choose HD Personal Injury Lawyers

Our commitment

Why Choose HD Personal Injury Lawyers to handle your compensation claim? Here is why:

We promise to:hD Lawyers (personal injury) logo: small enough to care, smart enough to win

  • Keep you informed of the progress of your matter
  • Perform only that work which is reasonably necessary to advance your matter. We don’t pad out our billing to suit ourselves, only what is needed to serve you.
  • Be available to speak with you or otherwise return your telephone call within 24 hours
  • Reply to your emails within 24 hours
  • Answer your letters by post out within 24 hours
  • Explain the evidence in your matter so that you understand our advice
  • Provide a binding legal services cost agreement before starting work on your case
  • Provide a full financial account upon the conclusion of your matter
  • We have no inside links with large employers, insurance companies, unions or other third parties who may cause a conflict of interest with you. That means that you alone are our client. We NEVER work for the other side in compensation claims.

We are friendly, approachable and caring when it comes to dealing with our clients. This is because our lawyers understand that the effects of a claim can have an enormous impact upon your life in all manner of ways – with pain, with distress, financially, emotionally and psychologically.

Your relationships may become affected.

You may require prolonged treatment.

Because of that, at every step, we will be there for you.

Close to you

We have offices in Brisbane and Ipswich. Despite that, we pride ourselves on our service and we are also available for home visits or free consultations at a place convenient to you. That includes throughout Southeast Queensland from the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast, and even the Tweed Coast in NSW. Also, we’re readily available on phone or email at times convenient to you, as we know people have busy days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your claim.

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