Legal Cost Agreement

The Legal Cost Agreement also sets out our obligations to you. Generally these are to:

  • Work on your claim in a timely, efficient and legally professional way
  • Keep you updated of the progress of your claim
  • Tell  you before we incur any special or unusual expenses
  • Advise you if the likely estimate of your legal costs changes

Under any legal services arrangement, your obligations are to:

  • Tell us openly and honestly everything that is relevant to your claim
  • let us know of any material change in your circumstances that might impact on your claim
  • Cooperate with us and do everything that we reasonably ask or advise
  • Keep us as your lawyers until your claim is complete. This is especially so with a No Win-No Fee arrangement

How much will it cost?

Harry Day, Personal Injury Solicitor

Harry Day, Personal Injury Solicitor

What your legal fees are will depend upon what work we are required to do and that is also linked to how the insurance company responds to. When we meet you, we will be able to assess your case and give you an estimate of your likely costs.

Before we commence work on your claim, we will explain this important issue further and you will always receive full details in writing.

Our Solicitor Director, Harry Day, has never had a dispute with a client over legal fees in over 30 years of practice. Our record is derived from our philosophy that law is a profession, not a business.

What if I have more cost agreement questions?

We have offices in Brisbane and Ipswich. Despite that, we pride ourselves on our service and we are also available for home visits or free consultations at a place convenient to you. That includes throughout Southeast Queensland from the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast, out to Toowoomba, and even the Tweed Coast in NSW. We’re readily available on phone or email at times convenient to you, as we know people have busy days.

We practice in QLD, NT and northern NSW.


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